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Yep. That’s me.


A line from “The Hobbit” just summed me up, “He’s a gentle soul, who prefers the company of animals to others.”


Typewriter Series #396 by Tyler Knott Gregson


Tekkonkinkreet. 2006. Dir Michael Arias.

Goddamn man, the animation style was just so beautiful, and the colors were fantastic.

For a little while it seems as if the movie is trying to present this really dark story as something really lighthearted, though the tone eventually catches up with the subject matter. Now that I think about it, this could’ve been done deliberately so that it could be as if we were experiencing the story through White’s eyes. 


Andy Goldsworthy

Little bit crazy about this mans work. He uses found objects to create completely natural works of art. Everything he makes is by using the things mother nature provided, including fashioning tools to aid him in creating his sculptural work. 

I love his colourful leaf patterns on the floor, and his more complex twisting arches… but the pieces that strike me the most are those using stone and small trees. The works look to me like graves for dead, fallen trees. To me they feel almost painful, I feel like I should be grieving the loss of these stunning specimens, but at the same time the trees he has chosen have such a smooth, beautiful quality about them that the overall effect is really very aesthetically pleasing.

The things he creates have a lovely sense of symmetry to them, everything he chooses to use seems to have such a purpose about it, it all feels so precise, complete. I think that’s what makes this work so visually pleasing to me. 

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Rima Staines is an artist, writer, and clockmaker who paints and draws the things she sees when exploring this fairytale realm…where she spends most of her time. Although she was born a Londoner in the 20th century she has always had one foot in Early Medieval Europe. She doesn’t really know what to do about this. Rima’s curiosity leads her through the many worlds of words, languages and lettering, books and stories, puppetry, nature and interesting people, music, superstitions, folklore and fairytales, and most of all the otherness that can be found on the periphery of our lives, the strange and grotesque, the absurd and unnerving…that topsy turvy in between place where things are not quite what they seem…

Рима Стэйнс - художница, писательница и часовщица, которая рисует вещи, которые видит, исследуя это волшебное царство… где проводит большую часть своего времени. Хотя она родилась в Лондоне в 20 веке, одной ногой она всегда в раннем средневековье. И она даже не знает, что с этим делать. Любопытство Римы ведет ее через миры слов, языков и букв, книг и историй, кукол, природы и интересных людей, музыки, суеверий, фольклора и сказок, и больше всего иного, которое можно найти на периферии наших жизней, странное и гротескное, абсурдное и пугающее… эта неразбериха в месте, где вещи не совсем такие, какими кажутся…

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Hard Times! with no much time for draw and other things u.u.
Actually i’m in some big project, and this dog is part of it ;)

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb (via chomphupreamanunt)

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So I went to Goodwill today and

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untitled by Randy P. Martin on Flickr.